LD PhD is under construction!

LD PhD is not available at this time. The amazing and positive response I received from the Huffington Post and PLoS posts about being a scientist with learning disabilities has demonstrated to me that there are lots of students and adults with LDs that relate to my struggles. Because of this I have decided to revamp www.ldphd.org.

The goal of www.ldphd.org is to inspire hope that students and adults can overcome their disabilities through:

1. Sharing: providing stories from students and adults with LDs that are happy

2. Mentoring: providing a network for people with LDs in certain fields that can give specific advice for aspiring students that are interested in those careers

3. Advice for students and adults with LDs/ADHD: presenting study tips and ‘life advice’ that users have found successful for their specific disabilities

4. Advice for parents of students with LDs/ADHD: giving parents and students the proper tools to advocate for their children and themselves, respectively.

5. Advocacy: helping improve public policy regarding students with LDs

If you would like to share your story or help out in any way please email me at Collin@ldphd.org. You can also sign up to be the first to hear when this site is up and running again! Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.
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